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Get the Best Coaching Classes for Class 9Th, Class 10th In Noida from the Experienced Mentors

What Is CBSE?


CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of India's renowned education boards. CBSE board is based on both theoretical and hands-on training to turn amateurs into industry-ready professionals.

In India, CBSE is famous for its in-depth and comprehensive syllabus; hence it is imperative to find the best CBSE coaching classes in Noida. The CBSE board's exam patterns are comprehensive and well structured. As per various reports, there are more than 20,000 institutes in India following the NCERT curriculum.

Who Are Tenex Tutorials?

Tenex Tutorials is honing the hidden talents and preparing students for competitive exams and securing their future. The mentors of Tenex Tutorials are experienced with the NCERT curriculum and have teaching experience of decades. Our experienced mentors possess the ability to turn black coal into diamond, as expected by parents from the best coaching classes in Noida Sec 78.

Tenex Tutorials is a one-stop destination for IIT-JEE, CBSE boards, and career counseling. As CBSE isn’t one of the easiest education boards, parents primarily think about the best coaching center. We welcome all the CBSE students based in Noida to get in touch with our team and understand our teaching strategies.

Irrespective of the subject and stream our students select, our mentors focus on strengthening the basics of respective fields. We conduct special classes for students weak in particular subjects, and are available 24/7/365. When it comes to the best coaching classes in Noida Sec 78, Google also undoubtedly recommends Tenex Tutorials.

Why Tenex Tutorials Is The Best CBSE Coaching Classes In Noida

 We never charge extra for doubt-clearing sessions and special classes because honing the hidden talents is our priority. Irrespective of the day and night, we’re always available to clear the doubts of our students.

  • The mentor of Tenex Tutorials curates special and personalized study materials and books for our students. We never outsource our study materials, and everything is based on the latest NCERT curriculum and model papers.

  • When Noida students search ‘best coaching institute near me,’ Tenex Tutorials always tops the list. Our mentors build understanding with the students during the lectures. We personally assist every student and try to keep the batches small. One of the primary goals is delivering quality personalized education to all our students.

  • We also regularly conduct parents-teachers meetings and update the parents about their ward's performance during the weekly tests. Our mentors deliver quality personal counseling to every student and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

  • When it comes to , Tenex Tutorials is the destination. We also have our designated faculty members for IIT-JEE and NEET aspirants.

We request all the parents and students to check our past results and become part of Tenex Tutorials. We have turned average and weak students into toppers, and our customer testimonials say everything!

The Key Features of Our Courses

  •  At Tenex Tutorials, we prepare our teaching strategies for covering the entire CBSE syllabus. We constantly update our books and study materials depending on the changes in the NEET curriculum. Instead of searching for the best coaching classes near me on Google, get in touch with our faculty members.

  • We conduct both traditional classes and online learning for all our students. Learners who can’t visit our classes due to Covid-19 can attend our online classes. The fees of traditional classes and online classes are pretty reasonable and flexible.

  • We keep our learning environment competitive by encouraging our students to push their limits and excel in the weekly tests. We personally don’t encourage negative marking. We are striving day and night to build the analytical skills of our students.

  • Our Tenex Tutorials has evolved an appropriate tracking system that sets the deadlines of every chapter. Our one-on-one doubt clearing sessions are primarily conducted on the weekends by our experienced mentors.


If you’re still searching for the best coaching classes for class 10 near me, please don’t shell out your valuable time and efforts. Give us a chance to build a strong foundation for your child and start getting results within weeks!

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