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Best CBSE Online Tuition Classes for Math's and Science

If you are looking for the best online CBSE Tuition Classes, here is a good bargain. Opt for Tenex Tutorials and you will cheer for the decision afterward. In the current situation, students are moving from traditional tuition to online tuition. Online tuition classes for Maths and Science have become the norm. Now with lakhs of students opting for online classes, there is a paradigm shift in the learning process. Listing down special features provided by Tenex Tutorials, which makes it an attractive option

Experienced Teacher

At Tenex Tutorials the selection process for teachers is very streamlined. Teachers are selected based on their prior experience and results. Their qualifications are properly vetted. Tutors make an active effort to improve the performance of their students.

Class Strength

Our aim is to make learning a pleasant experience. One way to make it happen is by giving a personalized learning process. Students react positively when class strength is limited. It allows better tutor-student interaction which enhances the learning experience.


Online tuition classes have democratized learning in a true sense. Distance and time which were the limiting factor earlier have vanished now. Now students can learn from the best teachers from the comfort of their own house. Tenex Tutorials also provide flexibility about learning hours. Especially for students from class 9 to 12, Tenex Tutorials is the go-to guy for best CBSE Online tuition classes for Maths and Science. Such a learning process is an excellent method for better learning outcomes and excels in school exams.

Personalized Curriculum

Each child has its own learning process and needs. He/ She must be taught at their own pace for better learning experience and outcomes. Here at Tenex Tutorials, the teacher provides personalized guidance and this is one of the biggest USPs. Our teacher changes their teaching style, techniques, and strategies to suit the student’s needs.

Proper care and attention

Everything is not about commerce. We understand each child is precious and should be taken proper care of. We bring empathy and emotions in our teaching as well in our commerce.

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